Balanced New England Cider
Sidro is our flagship cider. It is infinitely crushable and crafted with Belgian Saison Yeast. We created Sidro with something very specific in mind: a balanced cider with layers of flavor that do justice to the five apples inside. This cider walks the line between off-dry and semi-sweet.


Cider with Orange Peel and Grains of Paradise
Paradise delivers a blast of citrus with an off-dry finish and is often a favorite for its distinctive flavor. We infuse this cider with West African Grains of Paradise and Orange Peel after fermenting with a Belgian Ale Yeast. Paradise is Prospect’s ode to a classic Belgian Witbier.

Missing Link

Hopped Session Cider
Missing Link greets with a bloom of citrus-forward Mosaic hops. We love this cider for its ability to ease the drinker into a hop-forward beverage while retaining the subtleties of our fruit. The semi sweet cider finishes with a soft bitterness, unmistakably different than the dry hopped ciders in its category.

The Whole Family