Introducing Prospect Ciderworks

We are proud to announce that this time next week we are officially changing our name from Harvard Cider Company to Prospect Ciderworks.  This was a big decision for us, but we are confident that it is the right decision for the long term goals of our company.

Shipping Up To Boston

Harvard Cider Company is shipping off to Boston. We are excited to announce that over the next few months HCC will be moving in to a new facility in Boston to scale up the production and distribution of our ciders. Saturday will be the last day of public operations at our Harvard location.

Sediment Wars

I believe that visuals can often be as important as the tastes that you enjoy. This is the reason that we spent so much time on our packaging and why we are concerned with how each of our flagship ciders pour.

Will Work for Booze: Thoughts from an HCC Intern

Preparing for the launch was one thing, but the real rush came during launch week when we ran out of bottled Paradise. All of a sudden, it was just me and the bottling line versus the masses.

DIY or Die: Welcome to Appleworks

This is the first piece in our DIY or Die series, where we use photo journals to take a behind the scenes look at our do-it-yourself approach to starting our business on the cheap. Take a look at the renovation of our first production space at The Appleworks.

Meet The Founders

Mark, Sam and Chase met well before they could legally drink, and that’s probably for the best. Just short of a decade later, they stepped away from the high rise hustle to pursue an honest living. This is who they are, and what they do.