Introducing Prospect Ciderworks

We are proud to announce that this time next week we are officially changing our name from Harvard Cider Company to Prospect Ciderworks.  This was a big decision for us, but we are confident that it is the right decision for the long term goals of our company. Read below to get an idea of our thought process and what is on the horizon for our new Boston based cidery.  You can expect to see the new website and social media channels launching soon!


It’s remarkable how difficult naming a company can be. Especially within the wine, beer, cider and sprits industries where there are literally tens of thousands of brands. Honestly there were points where it felt like every idea we had was years late. We played creativity games, made up words, and doodled for days. Chase even called Sutter Home’s legal department hoping to buy a discontinued label.

Needless to say, a lot of time went into choosing Prospect Ciderworks as our new brand and where we settled means a lot to the three of us. First and foremost, it connects us back to our roots in Harvard. Prospect Hill is an absolutely gorgeous hilltop overlooking the Blue Hills of Western Mass and into New Hampshire. It is also home to Community Harvest Project, the orchard that we purchased our first six tons of apple from. When Sam mentioned the new name to a friend of ours who grew up in Harvard he jumped right to Prospect Hill and was stoked to hear the connection to town.

In addition to connecting to Harvard, Prospect connects the three of us to our high school dorm on Mt. Prospect Rd. We’re big fans of depth in our brand, certain connections are for certain people and this one was for us.

We want to make it clear that we have no intention of abandoning a connection to Harvard in our move to the big city. We want to place our ciders in the best packaging under the best label we can dream up with our New Zealand based designer Tim Gibson. One of our most frequent questions, and probably the question that every resident of Harvard has gotten since the day they moved into town, has been:

“Oh, Harvard… like where The University is?”

“No, that’s in Cambridge…” You might respond.

“Right! Of course it is.” Promptly followed by a blush or a dull look of I knew that…

I’m sure you can imagine, it’s even more challenging selling to a bar, liquor store or at a festival in and around Cambridge. A big part of me was attached to the Harvard Cider identity. I’ve dealt with the question thousands of times. Harvard is where I grew up joking about having more apple trees than people, and nothing to do but complain about how little there is to do.

When we launched we had huge support and continue to feel the local love. We hope that our fans in Harvard continue to feel as connected to us as we do to them. We’ve got forty-barrel tanks shipping into our new facility for the spring, build out and licensing amendments are slogging along and we hope to be resupplying stores as the ground softens up over the next couple of months.

It’s taken longer than we’d hoped, but we’ve got a series of ciders in the works as an ode to our roots in Harvard so keep your ears to the ground.

Prospect Ciderworks Out!