Shipping Up To Boston

The last couple of months have been the most chaotic to date.  We had our largest volume of sales, crushed our weekly and monthly goals and gained serious traction at some big accounts in Boston. All of this while trying to figure out where to plant Harvard Cider for the next five years.  It’s a funny thing working on a production floor that has the space, but not the flow in order to hold its contents.  We’ve gotten into a game of pallet shuffle, a sort of rudimentary dance with thousands of gallons of cider in cans, kegs and totes.

At the end of the day, the facility that we put our blood, sweat and a lot of Sam’s tears into just isn’t big enough for us to keep on growing.  So, we are excited to announce that we are moving to a much larger, long term space in Boston in order to boost production and distribution of our cider. Who knows, we might even toss a taproom in there so that we can enjoy some new recipes with friends over some good tunes and bar bites.


I have to say that, next to all the excitement of growing, there is a bit of an ache in my heart as we break down the production space and get ready to fill the truck on Monday. The store and the interactions that we get to have with our local customers have made Harvard such a wonderful place to start our business and we will do everything we can to keep our ties to the town as we grow.  This means we will continue to source local apples and work with local farmers to produce high quality ciders to keep up with our thirsty customers.

We cannot thank the town and our neighbors enough for their support and help in growing this brand. We truly wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. Something tells me we will be back sooner than you think.

If you’ve got some time, swing by this weekend, we will be in the store with the last of the cider we made here in Harvard before we ship out on Monday.